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gsu, robots are replacing deliverymen during the epidemic. Launched by leading Chinese e-commerce company, the robots are utilized to complete door-to-door deliveries as many neighborhoods have restricted access after the virus outbreak. According to Suning, the robot has a maximum loading capacity of 145

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liters and will be disinfected after each delivery. With a positioning accuracy of fewer than 50 mm, it can map out delivery routes and avoid obstacles, working for up to 10 hours on a charge. The robot has also played its part in the city of Wuhan, the epicenter of the epidemic, by delivering urgent medical supplies

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and daily necessities after the city implemented strict traffic restrictions. The deployment of cutting-edge technologies in the battle against the coronavirus has been very opportune, said Michael Walsh, chief executive of the Pacific Basin Economic Council when interviewed by China Daily last month. Such a public

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e technologies can be in offering humanitarian relief, he added. Bruce Aylward, team leader of the China-World Health Organization (WHO) joint mission on the coronavirus, said he was impressed by China's pragmatic, systemic and innovative approac

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h to control the outbreak after his nine-day field study trip in the country. FRONTLINE MARVELS After the outbreak, the Suzhou Jiangnan Aerospace Mechanical and Electric Industry Co., Ltd. immediately mobilized nine sets of "mobile hospital" equipm

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ent to aid the makeshift hospitals in Wuhan. The equipment consists of specialized vehicles that can support rescue workers in surgeries, telecommunications, electricity and other areas, according to the company. To properly handle medical waste, a

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kind of mobile incineration cabin, with a size of three standard containers, is used in Wuhan, which can incinerate 5 tonnes of medical waste daily, burning waste into harmless ashes within 20 minutes, said the developer Nanjing Luzhou Machine Co., Ltd. 3D-printed quarantine rooms are also cutting an eye-catching figure on the front line in hardest-hit Hubei Province. The rooms of about 10 square meters each

are well-equipped with an air-conditioner, bathroom and shower facilities for patients under quarantine, according to its developer, a

materials company based in Suzhou. Tech companies across C

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  • tell whether people are wearing masks.

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hina have been devoted to product innovation amid the virus outbreak.

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A research and development team from Harbin Xinguang Optic-Elect

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ronics Technology Co., Ltd. only spent five days i

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